Church on the Lawn Sunday mornings at 10:00

We are regathering! We are so excited to be physically together for a service of singing, testimony, and preaching.  Find out what to expect below.

The livestream service will be at 10am, a live recording of church on the lawn Click here to watch the live stream.

What to expect

Q: We are gathering again! Can I come? Is there a limit?

A: All are welcome! We are gathering on the lawn.  We ask that if you are feeling sick that you stay home.  If you are high risk, livestream may be a better option for you.  

Q: When should I get there?

A: Service will begin at 10:15am. We recommend arriving by 10:00am.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: No, you do not have to wear a mask but you are welcome to if you wish. We do ask that you bring your own hand sanitizer, coffee, and chairs or a blanket to sit on the lawn.

Q: Where should I use the restroom?

A: There will be one set of restrooms available in the lobby of the church. They will be sanitized in advance of the gathering. Since there will only be one set, it would be best if you used your home before you came.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Yes! Kids are welcome. However, there will be no Cornerstone Kids. Family units should stick together and maintain social distance from others.

Q: Will there still be an online service?

A: Yes, a separate online service will continue. The service will begin at 6pm and feature a recorded version of the sermon from the church on the lawn.  Watch here