Upcoming events

2018 The Year of our Lord

April 3:6:00-7:30p.m. Bible Narrative Class taught by Pastor Freshour. Room 103

April 3: 6:00p.m. Prayer Meeting /Church Library.

April 4: 6:00-8:00p.m. AWANA / Fellowship Hall

Thursday, April 5: 11a.m. Andrew Pence Funeral/Sanctuary. Paul Lanquist officating.

Thursday, April 5: 3:30p.m. CEF Training in the Church Library .


Saturday, April 7: 7:30-9:00a.m. Leadership Breakfast in Fellowship Hall.


Sunday, April 8: 9:00a.m. Study Classes available.

Sunday, April 8: 10:15a.m. Worship Service includes Communion.


Sunday, April 8: 6:00p.m. Bible Study at Nicholson's. 1242 NE Bean Way Madras

Monday, April 9: 6:00p.m. Mission Committee Meeting

Saturday, April 21: 9:00a.m. to Noon AWANA Bible Quiz  Cornerstone Sanctuary  

Monday, May 7: 6:30p.m. Finance Committee Meeting.